Winter Break Checklist

Happy Holidays, Cajuns! 

The fall semester is at an end, which means we all get a month off!  Your Housing contract includes the winter break, so you can feel free to come and go as you’d like.  Wherever home may be for you, if you are leaving campus for the break, we have a few recommendations for you to consider…

Winter break checklist:

  • Geaux Green!  Turn off electronics and unplug your chargers
  • Unless you want to return in January to icicles from your ceiling or a sauna, set your thermostat to a moderate range of between 68 and 72 degrees
  • Unless rotten eggs, molded pizza, roaches, and ants sound appealing, remove perishable food from your room
  • Keep us in the loop!  Let your CA know that you’re leaving!
  • Last one out hit the lights!

Spring classes start Wednesday, January 11!  Don’t be late!


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Housing Intern at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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